Cooperation with Central European Gas Hub AG for green gas trading

Central European Gas Hub AG, CEGH for short, a company of OMV AG, Wiener Börse AG and the Slovakian gas network operator Eustream, a.s., is the largest gas trading place in Central and Eastern Europe with a total trading volume of 749 TWh in 2021 - eight times the Austrian annual gas consumption.
With the CEGH GreenGas Platform, a trading platform is available for the first time to support the decarbonization of the gas markets.

The CEGH GreenGas Platform is a marketplace for biomethane supply and demand. As soon as green hydrogen is available on the market, green hydrogen will also be tradable on the platform. The platform will provide the opportunity to buy or to sell biomethane with or without certificates. The master data is compared via the Biomethan Register Austria, operated by AGCS Gas Clearing and Settlement AG, which ensures the authenticity of the market participants and their respective certificates. For this purpose, AGCS Gas Clearing and Settlement AG issues a confirmation of participation for market participants on request.

The Guidelines on requesting a certificate of participation is provided here.

In addition to a bulletin board, an auction is also available. This means that for the first time, sellers and buyers will be offered a common marketplace, which will greatly simplify the processing and administration of trade and will provide market transparency.

The CEGH GreenGas Platform is gradually being expanded to include trading in green gases in other Central and Eastern European countries, so that international and cross-border trading can develop. It is offered in two languages, German and English, and is free of charge.