• For Registration
  • Guidelines: The Guidelines of the Biomethan Register Austria have been created as a service for market participants and offer a comprehensible presentation of all necessary steps, business and settlement processes of the Biomethan Register Austria:
    • Guidelines-Criteria catalogue (Leitfaden-Kriterienkatalog - bilingual DE, EN): include specifications of the attributes of biomethane certificates and describes requirements for data transfers between market participants (within and beyond the system boundaries).
    • Leitfaden-OeMAG (German only): offers operators of biomethane plants and biomethane electrification plants information on the use of biomethane certificates as a basis for green power subsidies (FiT, Ökostromförderung) by the Austrian Renewable Power Settlement Agency (OeMAG Abwicklungsstelle für Ökostrom AG).
    • Guidelines-Business Processes (Leifaden Abwicklungsprozesse): provide detailed step-by-step descriptions of the respective business and settlement processes to perform title transfers (ownership transfers) of biomethane certificates. The guideline covers settlement processes between market participants of the Biomethan Register Austria (within and beyond the system boundaries) and is thus of relevance for all market participants.
    • Guidelines international transfers via ERGaR: provide detailed step-by-step descriptions for those market participants (biomethane producers and registry users/traders) who want to carry out import and exports of biomethane certificates. Important organisational requirements and information on auditing criteria are described. 
    • Guideline Confirmation of Participation: provides detailed step-by-step instructions for those market participants who wish to receive a confirmation of participation for registration as a market participant of the Biomethan Register Austria.
  • User Manuals (DE versions only) have been created as a service for registered users of the Biomethan Register Austria and provide a comprehensible presentation of the standardised handling processes of the registry system. These manuals describe the functionality of the registry system as well as the respective functions and actions of the corresponding user role.
  • Sample Cancellation Statement AT incl Audit
  • Sample Cancellation Statement CoO
  • Sample Cancellation Statement PoO+PoS